Lodestar is a Biosvortian from the planet Elecronia,Lodestar was Zac`s 1st 13 year old additional Alien,Zac 1st turned into Lodestar to take the weapons away from the red soldiers on the planet that had a civil war between the red and blue armies.


Advantages & Abilities

  • He can control magnetic fields which allows him to repel and attract metallic objects
  • Can Shoot Concentrated Magnetic Pluses form his Claws
  • Can Magnetize any Metal Object
  • Super Strong
  • Has Vast Regenerative Abilities
  • Flight
  • Can Make a Force Field around himself(it only protects agenst thangs that are Magnatic)

Disadvantages & Weaknesses

  • He can be attracted and replied like a magnet

Omnitrix/Ultimatrix modifcations

  • Omnitrix/Ultimatrix Symbol