Ripjaws is a Pisccis Volann from the planet Pisccis,he was Zac`s 8th transformation,he first used this form to fight Jonah Melville.
Ripjaws age 10

Ripjaws age 10


Ripjaws age 15(now)


Ripjaws with a Tail


  • Can breathe underwater
  • Can change legs in to a fish tail and back again
  • He is an incredible and fast swimmer
  • He has sharp claws,and teeth and a powerful set of jaws
  • His dangler is luminescent, enabling his ability to see in the dark
  • Can blast a high-pressurized burst of water from mouth
  • Increased Strength
  • His pointy tail can be used as a sharp weapon


  • Ripjaws is absolutely rendered useless on dry land(no longer a weakness now that Zac figured out how to turn on the omnitrix`s life support system giving ripjaws a water breathing collar)
  • He can stay on dry land for a period of time, though he needs to stay wet
  • Must stay away from heat or he will die

Omnitrix/Ultimatrix modifcations

  • Green eyes instead of normel purpleish Grey
  • Omnitrix/Ultimatrix Symbol