The Unitrix is a Guntlet-like peicse of Alien Technology, which is attached to the wrist of Eunice


The Unitrix was Created just as a Practice Test for the DNA minipulation Tecnology of the Omnitrix to see if it would work.

The Unitrix Works by storeing The DNA of Non-Sapinet Life forms withen itself.The Animal Form can be selected by truning the dial and then presseing it down when you reach the wanted animal, the Unitrix then uses Nanites to to put Fragments of the selected Species DNA into the Wearers own DNA Temporailiy and by this processe the users is given the Abilities of the selected Animal.

The Unitrix was a prototype of the Omnitrix,it is unknown how it happended, but somehow Azmuth lost the Unitrix and it ended up in a Escape Pod of some kind that crash landed on Earth and it was found by Eunice,Zac,Gwen,and Kevin Levin on their why to a Camping Trip.Eunice reached it first so it attached itself to her Wrist.



  • Can store the DNA of 1 Sapinet Species(Human),and a unknow number of Non-Sapinet Species(Possibly 100)
  • It provides a silhouette of the desired animal
  • Once attached to a host, it cannot be removed through conventional means.
  • Can give the wearer the abilities 3 different animal species.
  • Can change its own shape and size to accommodate the wielder's size
  • Can absorb a sample of animal DNA if any non-sapinet species comes into physical contact with the Unitrix.
  • Has an Artificial Intelligence system
  • Has a 2-way communication system with The Ultimatrixand plumber badges
  • The Unitrix can send out sub-audioble tones thats calms,and attracts Animals.(example:makeing normally shy animals more outgoing,and makeing normally aggresive aniamls more docel.)(The Purpose for this ia to it is easier to collect DNA Samples)
  • The Untirx can collect new DNA Samples if the wearer is makeing physical contact with a new animal,and then they tap the face plate.
  • The Unitrix gives the User the ability of Animal Empathy

DNA Samples:

Nicole age 14 DNA Samples:

  • Human(The one Sapinet DNA Sample it can hold)
  • Bear(Gives the user Super Strength)
  • Rabbit(Gives the user Super Jumping)
  • Snake(Gives the user Super Flexability)