Upgrade is a Galvanic Mechomorph from the moon Galvan B,he was Zac`s 9th transformation,Zac first used this form to stop some thugs from robbing an ATM.
Upgrade age 10

Upgrade age 10


Upgrade 15(now)


  • Upgrade has the ability to merge with and control technology
  • He can alter technology he's merged with and upgrade it, giving it a far more advanced design
  • He can fire positronic energy blasts from his eye and hands
  • He can create hard-light constructs out of positronic energy
  • He can stretch and change the shape of his body, allowing him to float and create weapons with his arms (axes, swords, spears)
  • Can solidify parts of his body into armor
  • Can travel as liquid making him immune to many physical attacks or bindings
  • Can destroy a machines circuits and programming by merging hand with it
  • Increased strength
  • Can phase through machines and things made of metal
  • Can create a symbiote with limited intelligence (comparable to a dog) but all the power of the original
  • Can change into electricity and move though wires
  • Can survive in a vacuum


  • Electricity and electromagnetic energy can render his abilities useless
  • He is also weak against acids and corrosives
  • Control over powerful and sentient robots can become difficult for Upgrade
  • The symbiote cannot be reabsorbed

Omnitrix/Ultimatrix modifcations

  • Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol

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