Water Hazard is a Orishan from the planet Hydrosia,Zac first used Water Hazard to trick P`andor into thinking he was Bivlvin and then just to fight him.he is Zac`s first 14 year old alien,he is also Zac`s first alien that isn`t from the Milky Way Galaxy being from the Andramada Galaxy.Water Hazard`s DNA was scanned from Bivlvin.Like all the Andramada Galaxy Aliens Water Hazard Controls a Basic Element(Water Hazard controls Water)
Water Hazard

Water hazard age 14(now)


  • Super Strong
  • Can shoot high pressuer blasts of water from his hands(fast enough to fill a room in seconds)
  • Can control Water
  • has a super Durble Exoskeleton
  • Can Breath Both on Land and under Water
  • Can create a Bubble like water force field around him self
  • Can absorbe water(can even absorb mositure out of the air)
  • Can Shape Water into a many forms(Blades,Spikes,Shields,ect.)

Ultimatrix modifcations

  • Green eyes instead of normel blue
  • Ultimatrix symbol