Waybig is a To'kustar with no home planet because they are created by unpredictable cosmic storms,Waybig was Zac`s 8th 10 year old additional alien ,Waybig was unlocked by Azmuth so Zac could beat Vilgax`s army
Way Big age 10

Way Big age 10


Waybig age 13(normal form)(now)

Advantages and Abilities

  • height of 400 feet,so Waybig is basically unmatched in size
  • Way Big is very strong(even for his size)
  • Can throw very far
  • Can shoot Cosimic Rays from his arm fins when his arms are joined in a L-Shaped position
  • Can survive in a Vaccum
  • Flight

Disadvantages and Weaknesses

  • Waybig can't fit indoors, so must battle outdoors